All 14 songs on this CD create a story that is written on pages of the physical CD. A story of old with magic, battles and love.

1. Horses Of War

2. The Mountain March

3. Golden Meadows

4. The Battle Field Of Life

5. Gift Of Gold

6. A Land Worthy Of Battle

7. The Queen

8. The Blade

9. The Kings Passage

10. The Magic Towers

11. Memorial For A War Dog

12. Run For Shelter

13. New Blood

14. Age Sets In

Chapter 1.  The Kings Horsemen:

Twenty Thousand strong fierce warriors on horseback, six thousand archers and ten thousand foot solders fill the entire land before the expansive castle walls. All of these warriors answer to one man, Xavier. Xavier is King Julian’s general and the mightiest of his soldiers. An insatiable appetite for battle, for it is what he does best. He is undefeated in his war campaigns and they have been many. His loyalty to the King is undeniable and constant. When Xavier and the King Julian ride into battle, Xavier executes the Kings orders without question and expects no less from the legion of warriors at his command.

The King's Horsemen

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